Providing the highest professional quality Eco-Friendly janitorial cleaning in the industry.

We love the environment with our Eco-friendly Janitorial Services!

Our mission is to provide superior, dependable, courteous, prompt and professional service to our customers.. Our response to their needs is always our top priority. We believe customer service is the key to our success. Emphasizing management and frequent communication with our customers sets integrity apart from our competitors and ensures long term satisfaction. A & A’s mission is also to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality care and service.

There is a large movement underway in our society that isn’t likely to go away any time soon. The janitorial and commercial industry is changing; people are demanding products safer for the environment, and safer for them to be around.  We don’t view this as a trend; it’s a shift in people’s beliefs and we aim to meet the challenge of making your environment a clean, but healthy one.  People confined in a workspace will often be sensitive to all kinds of things in that environment.  It’s possible for people to have allergies, irritation of the eyes, skin or lungs to some of the commercial cleaners used.  By allowing us to use green cleaning solutions at your place of work, we can eliminate this from the equation.

It is our commitment and reputation that allows us to stay on top of the janitorial cleaning industry.  Our employees are trained in the use of responsible green cleaners and how to properly dispose of more abrasive cleaning solutions.  If you’re an existing customer or even a possible new client to join us – we would love to talk to you about the opportunity for us to work for you!

Your property speaks volumes about your business. Protect that image.

Let our friendly and hard working staff ensure that your commercial or residential space stays presentable every day.  Get in touch, you will be surprised at how affordable a professional janitorial service can be.